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Arowana-related Sites
Aquatic Sites (Non-Arowana specific)
Aquascaping Sites
  • Aqua Botanic - As the name implies, this is a for learning how to set up a planted Aquarium. It's explained very si..
  • Aquatic clear - Tips on all fresh & marine aquarium
    Visit this site to learn more
  • Aquatic-store - A place to purchase aquatic related material, mainly plants, C02 Equipment and Such
  • Chuck's Planted Aquarium Pages - No description
  • Green Chapter Aquaria Design and Trading - Singapore based Aquascape company specialize in aquscape design, installation and maintenance.
  • MY NATURE AQUARIUM - A photographic website dedicated to a planted aquarium using Riccia Fluitans and Christmas Moss
  • Natural Aquarium World - Excellent Aquascaping website. Check out the gallery for inspiration.
  • pinoyaquatics - forum on plants and fishes in the philippine aquarium scene
  • Planted Tank Resources - Lots of useful articles and links
  • The Crypts Page - These pages are on the cultivation and taxonomy of plants of the genus Cryptocoryne (Araceae)
  • The Krib - Master of all planted information and databases. Technical and lots of useful information, construct..
  • The Planted Tank - Articles, profiles of fish and plants, everything you need to set up a planted tank. Also a very po..
  • Tropica Aquarium Plants - This service aims to provide you with the most comprehensive web site for information on tropical aq..
Aquarium Product Manufacturers
  • All Glass Aquarium - The world's largest manufacturer of quality glass aquariums, hoods, stands and cages.
  • Aqua Art - huge selection of large aquariums.
  • Aquarama 2003 Competition Entry Form - Aquarama 2003 Competition Entry Form
  • Arcadia Aquarium Lamps - Manufacturers of Aquarium Lights commonly found in LFS
  • Big Sale - Flowerhorn Fish -
    The Most Beautiful Aquarium Fish For Today. A Feng Shui Fish It Brings You Luck And Prosperous..
  • Biohome - Sintered glass bio filter
  • CR AQUARIUM - Establish since 1986, CR Aquarium has been Supplying aquarium tank to commercial-building as well as..
  • Cystal Clear Product - Products from U.S.A to make your fresh & marine aquarium super crystal clear.
    Click on link to ..
  • eAquaNature Singapore - eAquaNature provides services catered to the locals in Singapore that includes providing installatio..
  • Eheim Products - Filters, pumps, heaters. Eheim external canister filters have been known for their good quality.
  • FishBookStore.com - Aquarium Fish Books, Posters and Softwre
  • Garden Bridges - I will custom build you a beautiful redwood garden bridge for your pond, creek, stream or yard. hand..
  • Hagen Pet Products - Hagen - Makers of the Fluval series of external canister filters and other aquatic equipment
  • Hai Feng Fish Food - Hai Feng is known for their fish food and they have quite a few series of arowana pellets
  • Hikari Aquatic Food Products - No description
  • Hong Tai Aquarium Products - "Rid All" Aquarium Pharmaceutical Products (Singapore)
  • I~Aquatic - I~Aquatic specialize in high-quality aquarium filtration. Our team of dedicated employees takes prid..
  • Redwood Garden Bridge -
    Thank you for making us number 1 on the internet for Handcrafted Redwood Garden Bridges!
  • Redwood Garden Bridges - Handcrafted Garden bridges for your koi pond, creek or landscaping. Top quality Redwood, Custom mad..
  • Redwood Garden Bridges - Handcrafted Garden bridges for your koi pond, creek or landscaping. Top quality Redwood, Custom mad..
  • RENA - A France company designs, manufactures and markets worldwide a complete range of aquariums and elect..
  • Sera online - Sera aquarium products
  • TastyBugs - We offer farm raised crickets cooked in can for all insect lover pets. They are guaranteed to be cle..
  • Tetra Home Page - Welcome to Tetra. We are dedicated to producing quality products and books for the care of aquariums..
  • www.jorjae.com - G.Taimarcu
  • _I~Aqua - Filter Management System - Design and custom build acrylic products for all aquarist. Tanks, overflow Box, Refugium and Sump et..