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Default Twinstar Yotta Sterilizes fish disease and keep fishes healthy

TWINSTAR Yotta+ powerfully sterilizes and kills fish disease or mold spores in the water to keep aquarium fish safe from diseases.
It is designed not to affect important biological balance (Beneficial Bacteria) of the aquarium.
Sensitive fishes like discus often get diseases when amount of pathogens in the water become high. These pathogens may be brought into the aquarium through many factors, usually from poor water condition, live feed and leftover feed.
TWINSTAR Yotta sterilizes and kills pathogens in the water to keep the amount of pathogens low, hence lower the risk of fish disease.

YouTube Video
ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

In video, you can see the full documented process of treating the discus using TWINSTAR Yotta, no other medication or salt is used in the process.
Why we use TWINSTAR Yotta in our aquarium.
It helps owner to maintain their fish healthy and prevent them from fish diseases. Easier to manage their aquarium and fish health.
Recommended for beginner as careless and inexperience mistake may cause your fish to get diseases.
It easy to install and use, plug and play, no additional equipment needed
TWINSTAR Yotta comes in a few sizes
Yotta+ [50 – 450 Litres]
Yotta [50 – 200 Litres]…
S5 [30 – 120 Litres]…
S3 [30 – 50 Litres]…
East Ocean Aquatic Trading Centre
Blk 22 Havelock Road #01-699
Tel: 62759220
Be a fan at our facebook page for latest news!
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