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Default NEW Mini Aquarium UV-C Submesible Lamp

NEW Mini Aquarium UV-C Submesible Lamp

VG UVC submersible lamp is specially designed to eliminate harmful bacteria in your water to create a cleaner, clearer and safer environment for your aquarium inhabitants.

Come in 2 sizes:
18cm : 6watts…

27cm : 12watts…

It is easy to install.
However, UVC lamp should be placed ONLY in the filter chamber.
******** Important things to take note***********
1) UVC light is harmful to all living things.
2) Remember to switch off the UVC light before doing any maintenance.
3) Please avoid any exposure of the UVC light on humans, plants and animals when in use.
4) Do not use if the glass is broken.

We recommend the UVC light to be submerged.

The differences between UV-C, UV-A and UV-B.
UV-A and UV-B are used mainly for tanning purposes. They are commonly used to tan Arowana. (May
result in minimal harm if over-expose)
UV-C is mainly used to kill bacteria and algae in aquarium and pond. It is the most effective way to clear
up and improve water condition for your water inhabitants.
However, UV-C will cause harm to human, animals and plants if they are exposed to it.
UV-C must be concealed either in filter chamber or covered up with box to
prevent any exposure to living things
East Ocean Aquatic Trading Centre
Blk 22 Havelock Road #01-699
Tel: 62759220
Be a fan at our facebook page for latest news!
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