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Best to check each fish condition b4 purchasing. Leson learnt.
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agreed with the bro here a customer we have a call to buy or not to buy...but once the transaction made then we left with no choice unless they give a warrant..

and i have to agree with u too...i believe had a same experince with this lfs..i saw a few small pc AA healthy and active at their display tank and request to buy over but they said not for sale..oni for display..they said again has a plenty of same batch behind the shop (restricted area) but no i told him bring out for 5 pcs of same condition in a display tank...once he bring out 15mins later n after through checked..out of 5 oni 1 can make it the rest all with finrot...then i shook my head n left him with a smile but he oso steady thou...
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If i know there are sick altum in the tank, i will not even want to buy even they pick the healthy one. Next Altum season I'll will ask them to pack until i am HAPPY.
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Originally Posted by nicktc View Post
I think everyone agrees with you that our LFS could do better.

But why did you buy when you canít see the fish properly?

If you canít even see the condition of the fishes, then how sure are you that those fishes inside are altums?

I cannot comprehend how a person who cannot accept sick fishes will pay for fishes that he canít even see clearly?
First - Will a reputable and honest LFS sell Scalare if you are buying Altum?
Second - Will a reputable & honest LFS sell you sick fish? or Do you think is ethical to sell sick fish?

I also can not comprehend how a reputable LFS will choose the sick fish for you. May be the person from the LFS can't even see fish clearly. May be to them selling sick is normal practice and buyer will be at fault if they don't open their eye big.
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I don't foresee this thread is going anywhere.

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