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Default Those who cannot start threads at buy/sell, look here....

as titled, but dun get me wrong, u will not be getting it back immediately. i just want to have a feel, exactly how many cannot perform the above, and see if any mods would want to recommend you to get the privileges back.

i have been receiving too many PMs and VMs, so whoever cannot, post it here. Lets hear you!

Originally Posted by jwhtan

The solution.

1. We put back hobbyist buy/sell but you'll all have to live with the server busy stuff.

2. Permissions to start threads at buy/sell is a privilege. Not a right and no more 50 posts, etc criteria. You must support af activities. It could be attending af events, joining AFC, help in community activities and be active. Please suggest other alternatives if u have any ideas. But the gist is that you must be part of this community. Solely engaging in buy/sell after hitting 50 posts etc will not work anymore.

3. As this is a privilege, it can be taken away anytime when u become inactive. " I used to be active " doesn't work anymore. If you get embroiled in any kind of dispute, the privilege will be taken away from you

4. The members have to help us with those either " new " members or members who have been away and do not know. When threads of the nature of " why I cannot post at buy/sell crops up ", you have to help us to answer them.

5. All members will still have access to view buy/sell threads and reply to those threads but starting threads will only be for people whom we feel has contributed to the community. The decision on who has contributed will be solely on us and no arguments will be entertained.

If u have other suggestions, please contribute. Once a consensus have been reached, I will reinstate buy/sell. One thing I realised, most of the people who do nothing but just engaged in selling have been very quiet. The silence is deafening.
Originally Posted by dave6238 View Post
Seems like many members whose privileges have been taken away still dun understand what is meant by supporting AF and contributing to the AF Community.

It is NOT about how long you have been an AF member, how often u login, how many times u have posted articles n pictures to share or how many friends you have made here.

Neither is it about how many cheap fishes or accessories you have bought/sold in AF, how many FOC items you have given away or how you are encouraging fish-keeping by doing all this.

Nor is it about how you are helping to increase traffic in AF by being a member, creating big business opportunities for AF, or how much is AF worth if it is put up in the market for sale.

To understand why your privileges have been taken away, ask yourselves these questions:

1) Have you attended any AF event so far? Did you put down your name in the attendance list of the thread for the just concluded AF Carnival 2011 at OTF?

2) Did you put your name in the sales list for any AF souvenir items like AF Book, windbreaker, jersey, t-shirts and lanyard?

3) Did you put your name in the participation list for the Aro, Ray, TVR, Guppy, Betta and Flowerhorn competitions organized by AF?

4) Did u join any of the AF affiliated clubs like AFC and FHCS and participate in their activites?

5) And just in case you think that support and contributions must be in monetary form, did you volunteer to be a helper for the AF Carnival 2011 or any AF activities?

Hope the above gives you a clearer picture of what is meant by support and contribution.

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phew i almost ask. haha, guess i wait patiently, btw mod can help me close my recent thread? i decided to keep them. thank you.
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Hi Mods.

hope i will get recommended to get back my buy/sell privileges.

as my shrimps numbers are growing and my tanks are limited, and my bio-load now seems to be quite high. i am not mass selling my shrimps just clearing some of my shrimps.

hope mod will recommend me to get my privileges of buy/sell back.

best regards
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Old 28-08-2011, 02:42 AM   #4
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Me too, I dun dare pm any mod for my priviledges as I think all of them already choke full with pms. I tried to take off for the af carnival but not approved as weekend, not enough manpower at my workplace. I also try my best to participate in thread discussions, but I only comment when I feel I have the knowledge to answer, instead if just clocking posts. Thanks for this thread nevertheless, think plenty of people will find it helpful. Still prefer Af as its a good, if not the best, place for fish discussion and info.
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it will be nice to have the B/S privilege back for me and to some others too.. Hoped to have a more lively B/S section... noticed last 2 days not much action there compared to last time.
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Old 28-08-2011, 02:49 AM   #6
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I used to be one of those members that took buy/sell for granted until i cannot post. It was really very convenient for me to change plan due to my itchy backside. When i am unable to post in buy/sell, i then realized that buy/sell is a privilege that should be earned by contributing more and involving more in the AF community which is something that did not really came across my mind last time. Thus i believe that this should be the way to go, buy/sell privilege should be recommended by mods to determine which members are truly here to be part of community instead of trading here.
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Old 28-08-2011, 02:50 AM   #7
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i cant seem to use the b/s too.. not that i needed it badly.. but it would be nice if i can clear some stuffs or give away stuffs to other beginners like me.
Old 28-08-2011, 03:56 AM   #8
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I'm new n I can't post too... It didn't reali bother me but I'm concern on how to earn it n won't cost too much prob... I wanted to look for something but I can't post... Jus have to depend my luck to wait for other to post than grab it if it's not too late... Hehehehe... Anyway mod we shall jus follow law... Cheers and happy weekend...
Old 28-08-2011, 04:10 AM   #9
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Quitted this hobby,so now need back this priviledge to sell those aquarium stuff/give them away. It will be a waste if i throw them.
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Im one of those that cant post on buy n sell. I had pm one of the mod but I think he is busy.

Started this hobby in 2002 n grew up w AF, went from planted to LH to discus to Arowana. Due to work commitment I sold off everything except 2 4ft tank in 2008. I had change my job recently n is going back to keeping fish, set up a new planted tank last month and on Thursday night the old tank gave way and started to leak. Remove all e fish (272 of them hehe) and squeeze them all in a 2ft tank with all e plants floating in e water. Doing wc almost everyday.
Been looking for a replacement tank, for e pass couple of days. I really hope that I will be given the privilege to post in buy n sell again.
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